LOT's Chocolate Plum Livery

LOT has an interesting new special livery… a Chocolate Plum?

The livery features a custom tail in gold lettering that I can’t really see…

From what I could find…

  • Sliwka Nałęczowska on the tail with the fruit translates to either candied or chocolate plum or “dried plum in chocolate”.

The livery is painted on an Embraer E-190-200LR with the registration SP-LNC

I’m assuming this is some sponsorship or partnership with the Sliwka Nałęczowska producers.

Here’s the candy:


What do you guys think of this livery?


Interesting livery! Personally I find it pretty bland

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Is this E190-E2?

No, this is not. It’s the standard E-190

I think the colors match well, however I don’t really know specifically why the two companies are working together.

Two companies work together to make money :)
LOT is kinda advertising that chocolate company…

Personally I think the livery is cool…


What a nice livery!

That I know, however I don’t know what similarities the companies have other than being Polish.

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Okay, but Disney and Alaska (for example) are not related to each other either

Very cool! Let’s not forget that there is also more chocolate companies noted on the Embraer and one Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.

Credits: https://cdn.planespotters.net/photo/965000/original/sp-lnb-lot-polish-airlines-embraer-erj-195lr-erj-190-200-lr_PlanespottersNet_965795_2c86c779b0.jpg

Credits: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8559586#modal-large-photo


Looks yummy

I like it, personally. Its nice and simple, with a little touch of color. I would’ve preferred a bit more color on the tail, but the plums on the fuselage look quite nice!

Czekoladowe śliwki. Tasty.

Its like sugar plums, but with chocolate. Second, I like it. However the eurowhite is a bit of a beg to differ.

Gold lettering says “Solidarność”.

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