Lots and lots of questions

So i have some questions that i have wanted answered for a long time but i was to lazy to just put them all in different posts, so here they are in one post

  1. After Takeoff, tower hands u off to departure. but then what are u supposed to say? i usually just check in and then thats the end of it, but i feel like there is more. i have gotten out of the habit of requesting flight following as i have heard more experienced pilots that it should not be used. so please give me a walkthrough of specific instructions you give/take to/from the ATC controller.

2.What is the point of requesting radar vectors? shoudnt you just fly according to the flight plan?

  1. if i already have a flight plan that leads me onto a specific runway, do i need to contact approach. i know which rate to descend at, so do i just contact tower and ask for clearance to land?

  2. fuel. sometimes i am sure that i have more than enough fuel to get to my destination, but after i take off it still says FUEL next to my ETE to dest. after a while it goes away, but it still makes me scared that i am going to run out of fuel halfway through my flight.

  3. I am about to graduate to grade 3, which means i have acces to expert server. anything new i should know apart from ATIS?

  4. Sometimes i cant hear the noise coming from my ipad. i can only hear it if i can connect it to a bluetooth device, airpods, speaker etc.

  5. these are 2 actually
    firstly, when you land and taxi off the runway, how do you know which taxiways lead you to parking? this always gets me really confused and i end up taxiing back on the runway
    secondly, how do people get so good at taxiing? im talking about nose gear almost perfectly centered. i know it will take some practice, but i am willing to do it

so these are all my nooby questions. i would really appreciate if you could answer just one question you know the answer to as it would really help me.

thx so much!


Hi there! I hope you’ll find the answers to some of your questions below:

  1. Checking in is all you need to do. Departure will vector you if you’re close to other people, but otherwise, that’s the only message you need to send.
  2. If you’re not in the mood to fly ILS or visual, you can request RV. It’s commonly used when there is no ILS present (but keep in mind it relies on VMC conditions).
  3. Yes. You may check in to approach, which indicates that you want to follow your flight plan. However, keep in mind that approach may tell you to expect vectors for ILS/visual/RV in case there’s too much traffic for you to enter by yourself. Either way, contacting approach is a must.

@AlphaSeven and others will be able to explain your other questions. Kudos for asking us first, and enjoy your time on expert!

Absolutely not. ATC needs to be there to direct you to the airport safely from avoiding traffic Theres a certain sequence used to organize arriving and inbound aircraft to separate them from departing aircraft.l

Yes, always contact ATC when available. You can get ghosted on expert.

This because the fuel burn is always much higher during takeoff. During cruise that should go away after you’ve reached a stable fuel burn rate,

Much stricter, follow all ATC instructions or you can be ghosted.

Hope these answered your questions!

6: make sure your device isn‘t in sleep mode.

  1. Go on google and search "“Airport ICAO diagram gives you all the taxiways once you land! Just follow them as it’s going to be the same for Infinite Flight”

How to get a better at taxing us the outside view and follow the lines 😎.

Additionally to the answers of 2: Radar will vector you in the pattern and then hand off to tower. This happens usually on downwind or on base at an appropriate altitude. Just request inbound and tower will give you a pattern entry. Then make sure you don‘t cut in line and follow the traffic pattern.

Requesting Flight following is for VFR flying.

  1. They might have done a simplified flight plan where they haven’t guided themselves onto a runway

  2. Absolutely contact approach, they’ll guide you according to the ATIS info and don’t be surprised to deviate from your flight plan.

  3. This is very common when you are climbing and there is no worry involved. Worry if it warns you during cruise.

  4. Follow every instruction even when you don’t want to. If ATC is hectoring you in a way you physically can’t pull off due to terrain, that’s when you can go “unable”.

  5. Is your volume up? I don’t quite know how to answer that but a solution exists somewhere.

  6. Use charts or find other parked aircraft
    7.5. Correct yourself as much as possible. There’s no worries if you deviate from the line slightly. That’s normal in the real world too.

7: I can really recommend the app VirtualHub. Every airport layout is shown there. For good taxiing, use the outside camera and it becomes an easy thing. In edges, keep the main gear aligned with the taxiway and not the front gear.


You shouldn’t always worry. Winds can affect your fuel burn, they could be gone soon after.

And as @sebi-ue said, use Virtual hub, I use it and it’s an amazing app!

thx all so much!

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