LOT wants to temporarily convert some 787s to freighters

Hey, so you know LOT? You know, that airline which had a 767 belly landing. Well they are quite impressed by the cargo market apparently, because they are now in talks with boeing to convert some of their brand new 787s to freighters, and they ain’t talking about just removing some seats - they are so serious in fact, that they want to temporarily modify their dreamliners into freighters. And if they’re talking about certification, you know it’s gonna serious.


Awesome to see. Hopefully this leads to a real 787 Freighter in the future.


Great, the A380F and the 787F are happening. What’s next, a early A350F




Awesome!!! It’s really cool to see a 787 freighter flying in the skies!!!

If someone could have predicted this crisis, I bet Boeing and Airbus would’ve gone back to the old days of combi aircraft.

I think it would be more Quick Change aircraft like this:

the idea was to rapidly go from an all passenger configuration to an all cargo configuration in 30 minutes

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Honestly, I can’t see it being that profitable. The fact that an upper cargo door is not available, cargo will have to be shipped in small enough boxes to fit through the doors.

If they take out the seats, how will they secure the small boxes? Maybe they can create bins, but it seems like it would just be kinda difficult.

Just my opinion, any thoughts?

I want them sold new as a freighters because it would really make it the 777s true competitor

i am really wondering why Boeing doesn’t make this 🤔…
Instead they announced to produce a “new” version of the 767 freighter in 2019.
A now nearly 40 year old construction…
There are things that might make sense but i do not understand them really :DD

Really, they make freighters from there passenger aircraft a while after the aircraft has been out to increase there lifetime. Also, the aircraft has to be able to carry enough MTOW to fill up the aircraft. For example, the first 777 was launched in 1990, but the freighter variant didn’t come around till 2008

The seats are secured by tracks in the floor. If you look at some photos of these other temporary freighters they have nets over the boxes. I’m going to assume that these nets somehow attach to the seat rails.

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