LOT Virtual | Poland Within Your Reach | The Official 2021 Thread

Welcome to the official LOT Virtual Thread


LOT Virtual was founded in October 2020 with the aim of providing excellent VA service. LOT Polish Airlines, being the largest airline in Central and Eastern Europe, aims to connect Poland and the surrounding regions to the world. LOT Virtual aims to do the same, only in Infinite Flight’s virtual skies. We operate several aircraft, ranging from the small regional Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 to the efficient B787 Dreamliner. We serve routes in 5 continents, with our short-haul fleet operating European routes and our 787 connects Poland to The Americas, Africa, and more.

LOTV is IFVARB Approved!

@HappyDays - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hello and welcome to LOT Virtual! We aim to provide a quality VA service where pilots can experience LOTV’s diversity of routes, fleet, and hospitality. As our slogan, Poland Within Your Reach suggests, we aim to connect Central and Eastern Europe to the world. By joining us, you will not only experience a wide variety of routes, aircraft, and codeshares, you’ll experience our welcoming staff among of LOT Virtual’s great features. We can’t wait to have you in our crew!
See you in the skies 🛫

LOT Virtual operates aircraft of different categories, from small turboprops to long-haulers. Our fleet consists of the following:

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

The Dash 8 Q400 by Bombardier is the smallest aircraft in our fleet. It carries about 80 passengers. We use the Q400 for many of our short, regional flights from our two hubs, Warsaw and Budapest. Our subsidiary, euroLOT, also uses this regional jet as its primary aircraft. Unlocked at rank Cadet.

Embraer E170

LOT Polish Airlines were one of the first costumers of this regional jet, first being delivered in 2004. It could seat 70 passengers in a three-class configuration (Business, Premium Economy, Economy). This jet servers many of our short-haul European destinations. Unlocked at rank Second Officer.

Embraer E195

The Embraer E195 is the bigger brother of the E170; it carries more passengers and has more range. We use our E195s for longer European flights, serving destinations such as Istanbul (LTFM), Kyiv (UKKK/UKBB), and Moscow (UUEE), among many others. Unlocked at rank Senior First Officer.

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737 family is one of the most successful aircraft family in aviation history. LOT Virtual uses the Boeing 737-800 for short/medium-haul international flights, serving destinations such as London (EGLL), Dubai (OMDB), Lisbon (LPPT), among many others . Unlocked at rank Captain.

Boeing 787-8

*The Boeing 787 is one of the most efficient commercial aircraft in the market. Our first 787 was delivered in November 2012, making LOT Polish Airlines the first European carrier to operate the 787. LOT Virtual uses the Boeing 787-8 for long-haul international flights, serving destinations such as Los Angeles (KLAX), Chicago (KORD), Miami (KMIA), Maldives (VRMM), and Seoul (RKSI), among several others.

LOT Polish Airlines Mainline Routes (Domestic)

LOT Polish Airlines Mainline Routes (European)

LOT Polish Airlines Mainline Routes (International)



We have many codeshares at LOT Virtual, reaching many different and scenic regions all around the world.

We are open to codeshares from any virtual airline. If your respective VA would like to codeshare with us, simply send us a message on @LOT-Virtual and we will get back to you.

Rank Flight Hours Mainline Aircraft Unlocked Codeshare Aircraft Unlocked
Trainee Check ride Phase None None
Cadet 0 hours (after passing check ride) DH8D DH8D, TBM9, CRJ2
Second Officer 5 hours E170 E170, E175, A318, A319
First Officer 20 hours CRJ7 (Nordica) CRJ7, CRJ9, CRJX, A320, B737
Senior First Officer 40 hours E195 A321, B738
Captain 65 hours B738 B739, B752, B763, A333, A332F
Senior Captain 100 hours N/A B788, B789, B78X, A339, A346, DC10, DC10F, MD11, MD11F
LOTV Commander 175 hours B788 A359, B772, B77L, B77F, B77W
LOTV Voyager 225 hours LOTV Worldwide B738 B742, B744, B748, A388

We operate an awards system alongside our ranking system. These awards are given only to the most dedicated pilots in the VA. We have 4 awards:

Award Flight Hours Flight Time Multiplier
Bronze Award 500 hours 1.2x flight time multiplier
Silver Award 800 hours 1.3x flight time multiplier
Gold Award 1500 hours 1.4x flight time multiplier
Diamond Award 3000 hours 1.5x flight time multiplier

Bonus Award
Every so often, the Miles & More award is presented to the pilot who flew the most nautical miles during the last month. The award is a 1.5x multiplier for their next flight under 5 hours!

LOTV Worldwide

We presented LOTV Worldwide with the aim of servicing some unique charter flights not served by LOT in real-life. The first section of LOTV Worldwide can be unlocked on the rank of Voyager with the B737-800, and the second section is unlocked at Pearl Award with the B787-8.

Career Mode

LOT Virtual’s career mode aims to enhance the realism within the LOTV community. Our career mode is route-based, which means that you need to complete each set in order before proceeding to the next aircraft and set. There will be exclusive and huge prizes once all sets are completed!

Routes of the Week

Since we have an ever-growing route database, why not take advantage of it? Every week, our staff team will choose countries for each day based on the IFATC Schedule. A different country/region is selected each day as the theme for that day. All chosen routes will have a 1.3x multiplier, while LOT Polish Airlines flights have a 1.5x multiplier. FNF routes will also have a 1.5x multiplier. This is a great way for pilots to get more flight hours, and climb up the prestigious ranks of LOT Virtual.

LOT Virtual uses VANet, a Crew Center built by @KaiM and @rebal15. Our Crew Center is where you can view your flight hours, file Pilot Reports, search for LOTV routes, and more!

However, AirTable remains the platform of choice for our primary route database, which contains over 1500 routes for you to choose and fly. You can still find some of our routes on VANet.


LOT Virtual uses Discord to facilitate all VA communications and announcements. Our several bots, including one hand-coded by our CEO, @HappyDays, helps integration with our VANet crewcenter and AirTable route databases easier.

Want to see more LOT Polish Airlines liveries in Infinite Flight, and help grow our fleet of aircraft? Then please do vote for the feature requests below!

LOT Polish Airlines Livery Requests

LOT Polish Airlines Bombarder Dash 8 Q-402 (Nordic Aviation Capital)

LOT Boeing 787-9 (Poland Independence Livery)

Eurolot Dash 8 - Q400

LOT Polish Airlines - Boeing 787-9

LOT Embraer E170 Retro Livery

Embraer ERJ-190 LOT Polish Airlines Livery

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-35D(ER)

Pilot Requirements

  • Must be thirteen (13) years of age or older.
  • Able to fly with LOTV VO affiliation and custom callsign at least once every thirty (30) days.
  • Must possess a legal and valid copy of the Infinite Flight app AND Pro Subscription.
  • Must have access to the Expert Server, meaning that your are Grade 3 or higher.
  • Violations/landings ratio must be no less than 0.40.
  • Must be in good standing with IFC, IFVARB, IFATC, and all official Infinite Flight organizations.
  • Trust Level 1 (Basic) on the Infinite Flight Community Forum.
  • Must have access to Discord and AirTable.

Application Process

  1. Your application will be processed by our staff team.
  2. If approved, you will be contacted to complete the LOT Virtual Entrance Exam, which you’ll need a score of 75% or higher to pass.
  3. If you fail, you’ll have to re-do the test again in three days.
  4. If you pass, an invitation to our Discord Server & Crew Center will be sent. Welcome to LOTV!

Ready to start a new career with us?


Any questions? Feedback? Fill in the form or ask us on the IFC.

@HappyDays - Organizing the thread, route maps, and topmost banner
@Mick0 - Fleet pictures and images in banners


LOT Virtual is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with LOT Polish Airlines, Polish Aviation Group, and Star Alliance in any way. All rights and logos go to their respective owners. Click here to visit the official website of LOT Polish Airlines.


This is by far a stunning thread. Great job to all the Lot Virtual staff! This is phenomenal!


Amazing thread! We’re glad to be one of your partners!

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


@Captain_Ry Thank you very much! :)

@SaudiaVirtual Thanks! We’re delighted to be a codeshare partner of SVVA.


I love our New Thread ! @HappyDays Great job !! 😍


C’mon, it was not all me :)



Interesting topic! I wish the VA total success!


Thank you :)

Amazing thread !


Amazing ! 🥰 Congrats to @HappyDays & @Mick0 for your work on this thread ! 🥳


Thank you my friend ! ❤️

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Thanks a lot @PATOU95

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Hello, this thread looks very nice, just one thing, looking at your route diagrams, I believe you’re missing a domestic route between EPWA and EPKT, which is usually served by the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 or sometimes a B737-8, rarely they even get a flight with the B787 (which gets stationed in EPKT for charter flights to the Dominican Republic in spring and summer). Just wanted to let you know, since EPKT is my home airport! Also might look to join you soon!


Thanks for feedback @Infinite_Aircraft ! :) You’re right! Idk why LO3885 is missing in our routes database, but we’ll fix it ;)
And hope to see you soon in LOT Virtual! 😁

Pilot Recrutiment Manager
LOT Virtual



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Codeshare News

LOT Tail

We’re delighted to announce a new codeshare partnership with @AveloAirVirtual! The new codeshare routes expand our presence in the American west coast. Check our their thread here.

Apply now, and explore these new codeshare routes and 1500 others!


Sadly, all good things come to an end. With heavy hearts, LOT Virtual announces the resignation of our dear Pilot Recruitment Manager, @Mick0, and COO @PATOU95. Please bid them farewell as we enter a new chapter in LOT Virtual.

And with that, we now have a few staff positions to be filled.

IFC Username Staff Position Tasks
@HappyDays Chief Executive Officer Supervise & organize all daily operations of the VA and run everything behind the scenes.
VACANT Chief Operating Officer Run the day-to-day operations of the VA to ensure smooth running. The Pilot Recruitment Manager position has been absorbed to the COO.
VACANT Pilot Report Manager The role of the Pilot Report Manager is to approve/deny Pilot Reports, and work with the Chief Operating Officer during the rank-up phase of a pilot to re-verify PIREPs as legitemate.
VACANT External Affairs Manager The External Affairs Manager is responsible for moderating the LOT Virtual IFC account (along with the CEO), as well as answer possible questions from forum users that may arise. They are also in charge of LOTV’s social media accounts.


 - Must be 14 years of age or older
- Have a legal copy of Infinite Flight and its Pro subscription
 - Grade 3 or higher on Infinite Flight
  - Member (Recommended) or Basic Trust Levels on the IFC.
 - Must be in good standing with the IFC, IFVARB, IFATC and all official Infinite Flight organizations.
- Must have access to Discord and Airtable.

If you are interested in a staff position, please contact @HappyDays to inquire or apply.

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Very llock!


Codeshare News

LOT Tail

We’re delighted to announce a new codeshare partnership with @ArgentinasVirtual! The new codeshare routes expand our presence in South America. Check our their thread here.

LOT Tail

We’re delighted to announce a new codeshare partnership with @RoyalAirMaroc_VA! The new codeshare routes expand our presence in Morroco and the Maghreb region. Check our their thread here.

Apply now, and explore these new codeshare routes and 1700 others!