LOT Virtual | Poland Within Your Reach | Official 2021 Thread

Welcome to the Official LOT Virtual Thread


A message from our CEO, @HappyDays

Hello and welcome to LOT Virtual! We aim to provide a quality VA service where pilots can experience LOTV’s diversity of routes, fleet, and hospitality. As our slogan, Poland Within Your Reach suggests, we aim to connect Central and Eastern Europe to the world. By joining us, you will not only experience a wide variety of routes and aircraft, you’ll experience our welcoming staff, and LOT Virtual’s other great features. And this is only the beginning.


LOT Virtual was founded in October 2020 with the aim of providing excellent VA service. LOT Polish Airlines, being the largest airline in Central and Eastern Europe, aims to connect Central Europe to the World. LOT Virtual aims to do the same, only in Infinite Flight’s virtual skies. We operate several aircraft, ranging from the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 to the mighty B787 Dreamliner. We serve routes in 5 continents, with our short-haul fleet operating European routes and our 787 connects Poland to The Americas, Africa, and some Asian destinations.

LOT Virtual operates the following aircraft:

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

The Dash 8 Q400 by Bombardier is the smallest aircraft in our fleet. It carries about 80 passengers. We use the Q400 for many of our short, regional flights from our two hubs, Warsaw and Budapest. Unlocked at rank Cadet.

Embraer E170

LOT Polish Airlines is proudly the first customer of the E170. LOT Polish Airlines operates the entire E-Jet series, which ranges from the E170 to the E195. Our E170 is used for most of our European intercontinental flights. Unlocked at rank Second Officer.

Bombardier CRJ-700 (Nordica)

Nordica is the flag carrier of Estonia, and a LOT subsidiary. Nordica mostly operates from its hub in Tallinn, but also operates many of its routes in Scandinavia. Unlocked at rank First Officer.

Embraer E195

The Embraer E195 is the bigger brother of the E170; it carries more passengers and has more range. We use our E195s for longer European flights, such as Warsaw to Istanbul. Unlocked at rank Senior First Officer.

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737 family is one of the most successful aircraft family in aviation history. LOT Virtual uses the Boeing 737-800 for short-haul international flights, such as Warsaw to London, Warsaw to Yerevan and other similar routes. Unlocked at rank Captain.

Boeing 787-8

Also called the “dreamliner”, the Boeing 787 is one of the most modern and efficient aircraft. LOT Virtual uses the 787 for our long-haul international flights. Unlocked at rank Commander.

LOT Virtual has 8 ranks to progress through:
|Rank|Flight Hours|Aircraft Unlocked|Perks|
|Cadet|0 hours|LOT Polish Airlines DH8D|N/A
|Second Officer|5 hours|LOT Polish Airlines E170|N/A
|First Officer|20 hours|Nordica Bombardier CRJ-700|N/A
|Senior First Officer|40 hours|LOT Polish Airlines E195|N/A
|Captain|65 hours|LOT Polish Airlines B737-800|N/A
|Senior Captain|100 hours|N/A|N/A
|Commander|175 hours|LOT Polish Airlines B787-8|N/A
|Voyager|255 hours|LOTV Worldwide B737-800|1.15x flight time multiplier

We operate an awards system alongside our ranking system. These awards are given only to the most dedicated pilots in the VA. We have 4 awards:

Award Flight Hours Privileges Unlocked Flight Time Multiplier
Bronze Award 500 hours LOTV Worldwide B787-8 1.2x flight time multiplier
Silver Award 800 hours Historic Routes 1.3x flight time multiplier
Gold Award 1500 hours Polonez Lounge 1.4x flight time multiplier
Diamond Award 3000 hours Delivery Flights 1.5x flight time multiplier

Bonus Award
Every month, the Miles & More award is presented to the pilot who flew the most nautical miles during the last month. The award is a 1.5x multiplier for their next flight under 5 hours!

LOTV Worldwide

Here’s your chance to unlock virtual aircraft to fly whenever and wherever! The only condition is that your flight must start or end at one of our hubs, Warsaw Frederic Chopin (EPWA) and Budapest Frenec Liszt (LHBP) airports. This program is built on a career-like system, where you start where you left off. Your flight may have up to 5 legs. Unlock the first aircraft, a Boeing 737BBJ, at the rank of Voyager, and your next aircraft, a LOT Polish Airlines B787-8, at Bronze Award.

Monday sMILEs

Monday sMILEs is a good opportunity for our pilots to gain flight hours. Every flight flown on a Monday would automatically receive a 1.2x multiplier (excludes Routes of The Week, Events, and when another special multiplier applies).

Routes Of The Week

Every week, our staff team will choose 2-5 routes for each day, which include airports served by IFATC controllers. All chosen routes will have a 1.3x multiplier, while FNF routes will have a 1.5x multiplier. This is a great opportunity for pilots to get more flight hours, and climb up the prestigious ranks of LOT Virtual.

Codeshares we have at LOT Virtual:



Air China Virtual is China’s largest VA, with routes connecting China domestically and internationally. With this partnerrship, LOTV pilots can experience China’s diverse scenery, from the greens of the south and east to the mountains of Tibet. Check out their thread here.


Sriwijaya Air Virtual connects Indonesia’s many islands with their routes. They are not only unique, the scenery of these routes are amazing. We are glad to be partners with SJVA. Check out their thread here.


Surf Air Virtual is one of the few executive VAs out there. With our partnership, our American route network is more connected than ever. These routes are operated by the TBM9, which gives the routes a unique experience! Check out their thread here.


Jet Airways Virtual provides connections from India and the Middle East to the rest of the world. With our partnership, you can explore the India and ME like never before! Check out their thread here.


Austrian Virtual, which represents the flag carrier of Austria in Infinite Flight’s skies, has a diverse range of aircraft and routes. With our partnership, you can end up as close as Sibiu and as far as Cape Town! Check out their thread here.


NonStop Virtual, which represents Lufthansa, has one of the most diverse fleet, routes, and destinations. Our partnership with NSV expands our route network in Europe and overseas. Check out their thread here.


Philppine Airlines Virtual is based on the flag carrier of the Republic of Philippines. Not only do they have a wide variety of routes, ranging from short domestic flights to international long-haulers, the scenery of the Philippines from high above is an experience not to be missed. Check out their thread here.

Singapore Virtual is one of the biggest VAs in the Infinite Flight Community. The SVA fleet spans from the humble A319 to the superjumbo, the A380. With Singapore Changi Airport being the hub of SVA, expect many connections to many other airports worldwide. Check out their thread here.

_UVAL _ Header

United Virtual provides one of the best US connections to the rest of the world. Through our codeshare partnership, you can explore many exotic places, such as Accra, Lagos, and Lihue! Check out their thread here.


Belavia Belarusian Airlines
Croatia Airlines

We use Discord to facilitate all VA communications and announcements. We have many bots to help integration with our crew center easy. Get Discord here

We use VANet, a safe and reliable CrewCenter made by @KaiM and @rebal15. Viewing your stats and filing Pilot Reports has never been easier with VANet!

Pilot Requirements

Must be 13 years of age or older.
Able to fly for LOT Virtual at least once every three weeks.
Must have a valid copy of Infinite Flight and its Pro Subscription.
Must have access to the Training Server (Grade 2 or higher).
Must have a violations/landings of no more than 0.45.
Must be in good standing with IFC, IFVARB, and all official Infinite Flight organizations.
Trust Level 1 (Basic) on the Infinite Flight Community Forum.
Must have access to Discord and AirTable.

Staff Requirements

Must be 14 years of age or older.
Must have a valid copy of Infinite Flight and its Pro Subscription.
Must have access to the Expert Server (Grade 3 or higher).
Must be in good standing with IFC, IFVARB, and all official Infinite Flight organizations.
Trust Level 2 (Member) on the Infinite Flight Community Forum.
Must have access to Discord and AirTable.

Interested in joining LOT Virtual? Apply here!

What to expect:

1. If your application is approved, a PM will be sent to you with the link to complete our entrance exam.
2. The passing score of this exam is 75%. If you fail, you will be assigned to a checkride with one of our staff members.
3. The link to our Discord server will be sent to you if you pass either the exam, or if you are willing to take the checkride. Welcome onboard!

LOT Virtual is also looking for qualified staff members who can help the VA grow. If you’re interested in a staff position, PM @HappyDays for more info.

Open Staff Positions:

Staff Position IFC Username Position Tasks
Chief Executive Officer @HappyDays Supervise & organize all daily operations of the VA and run everything behind the scenes.
Chief Operating Officer @PATOU95 Run the day-to-day operations of the VA to ensure smooth running.
Pilot Recruitment Manager @Mick0 Accept/denies applications and is tasked with completing the check rides. The Pilot Recruitment Manager has the final say on whether the said applicant must be accepted into the VA or not.
Events Manager VACANT Creates, organizes, and leads the events of the VA, whether it is an internal event or Infinite Flight Community Event.

We’d love to have you onboard!


LOT Virtual is not affiliated with LOT Polish Airlines, Star Alliance, or Infinite Flight LLC in any way. All rights and logos go to their respective owners.


Very nice thread! Congratulations on your approval guys! Best of luck for the future :)


Thank you for your kind words!

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Amazing thread! Congrats on approval!


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Thank you for your kind words! We can’t wait to have you!

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Nice thread! Congrats on approval


Great Thread and Congratulations from the entire team of Aeroflot Virtual, wishing you all a successful future!


Congratulations on your approval!


Congratulations on your approval!🎉🎉🙌
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Great Thread! Congratulations on your approval!
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