LOT polish airlines's weird fleet

Isn’t it wierd that the flag carrier of poland POLSKA as they like to say operates only one international (long range) plane that is the 787

LOT’s fleet

From Wikipedia

very small fleet was expecting more widebody but hey everyone has their budget

Why is it?

Poland is not the biggest country and the Boeing 787 is an amazing airplane, 9 of them is pretty ok so

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c’mon for a flag carrier, that is small

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Pick Aer Lingus ☘
They only operate 5 A330s ;)


Or Royal Brunei…

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They replaced the 767s with the 787

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Been to Poland. Small country and most of their economy is tied with the EU so not much need for long range international flights. Mostly they use their 787 for flights to heavily populated Polish heritage cities like Chicago.

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Well, the fact that an airline has the biggest fleet composed by short, medium and long haul aircrafts and a big number of destinations and transported passengers doesn’t mean that it’s the flag-carrier of a country. Anyway maybe LOT is not a fast-growing airline but they can still maintain economically.

For Poland that’s enough.
They aren’t as economically strong as maybe Germany to have an example. They do not really benefit from tourism so why add a bigger fleet?
They connect their big cities to the central european main hubs with their regional aircraft from where passengers can go to anywhere basically. Their 8 787s are enough, they’re environment-friendly(-ish) and technologically absolutely modern planes.

Don’t see how that is a wierd fleet.
On the other had I agree with you, that’s a really wierd fleet, needs more Airbus presence ;)

Wizz air seem to operate more flights into Poland every night there are loads of planes coming in from Eastern Europe landing all over the UK at pretty much every airport

*They have 8 a330s and 3 757s which they use for long haul.

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Bigger, but still comparable… ;)

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Just because they’re a flag carrier doesn’t mean they need to operate a gigantic army of widebodies.

They likely didn’t see the demand for more aircraft, or larger aircraft.

LOT should be using only what they need instead of making a flashy showcase of aircraft they don’t need (Such as QR).

Heck the flag carrier of Rwanda doesn’t even operate wifebodies, they only have two on order:

See Zimbabwe’s also:

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Because LOT has routes mostly in Europe

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