LOT Polish Airlines Virtual | "Sharing Poland With The World" | Official VA Thread

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We are LOT Polish Airlines Virtual. A VA like no other in Infinite Flight. You ask us why? We are unique because of our story, which was not necessarily easy, rather long and arduous, overcoming all possible phases a Virtual Airline can get.

Evolved from the spirit of the dissolved old Virtual Airline we never gave up and believed in our passion –
to make the community a better place for everyone and share the passion of aviation.

Our group of staff and pilots is not a random combination of aviation enthuasists, how it is often the case – we are a family, even if not a big one. And the main task of every single one is to show what he is capable of. Everyone who joins our ‘family’ obliges himself with a signature that he will maintain the values and protect our rules. That’s how a team should work!

image Our Staff Team:

Chief Executive - @RednoseHeavy

Chief Operating - @IFliPlanes

Human Resources Manager - @Captain_Awerty

Public Relations Manager - @mr_speedbird

Events Manager - @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

Supervisors - @Eiknixsis @T1MMY4L1F3_YT

To join LOT Polish Airlines Virtual You need to pass our joining process.

  • But, don’t worry! It’s far from a long complicated operation. It should ensure our members are striving for high standards and are aware of the rules inside and outside the cockpit.

  • The process starts with Your application for the process, where You give us Your profile data. After the review of the data we approve or deny according to the requirements below, so You can enter the joining process.

  • After the approval we will hand you out our theoretical test, where we check Your basic knowledge about aviation referring to Infinite Flight.

  • If you pass the test and sign the trust document to follow the rules of our VA, You will get invited into our workspace and start the integration process as a Cadet.

  • After a week of this process, in which we ask You to remain active and attend to events so we have a picture of Your practical capabilities, we will be very delighted to welcome You as a member at LOT Polish Airlines Virtual!

The requirements to start the joining process:

  • Existant Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.

  • Valid Infinite Flight Community Profile.

  • Grade 3+ in Infinite Flight.

  • Less than 150 violations in total.

  • Less than 5 ghosts in total.

  • More than 150 total landings.

  • Agreement with our Code of Conduct .

  • Filled in Application with data about your profile.

  • LOT Polish Airlines Virtual fleet structure is made out of 4 aircraft classes , which are including from one to three aircraft in each class. Every class gets unlocked step by step by reaching the according rank. The classes differ between each other by characteristics of its aircraft and the more advanced handling of those.

  • Our fleet is very various so we can reach near and far corners of the world in the most efficient way it is possible! We are very proud to have such a modern fleet and hope to see some additions with the future updates.

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400

© Image Credits brought to you by Jet Photos. All rights reserved:

Embraer E-170

Embraer E-175

© Image Credits brought to you by Jet Photos. All rights reserved:

Bombardier CRJ-700

Embraer E-190

© Image Credits brought to you by Planespotters. All rights reserved:

Embraer E-195


© Image Credits brought to you by Planespotter. All rights reserved:

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-9

© Image Credits brought to you by Planespotter. All rights reserved:

  • Our rank structure is built out of 4 ranks, which are orientating on our fleet structure with the Fleet Classes.

  • At a certain amount of the logged hours the pilot unlocks an additional class to fly which is offering new aircrafts and routes.

  • LOT VA has 74 destinatons worldwide connecting near and far corners of the world including Europe, America and Asia.

  • On our interactive route network map you can see all our destinations from which 51 are international, with destinations throughout all of Europe and Mid East shown in white, 11 destinations are domestic within Poland and are shown in orange. LOT VA is operating 12 intercontinental long haul routes, which are shown in green.

  • All destinations have a retour flight with its assigned Fleet Class(-es) D, C, B or A.

Note: Due to limited embed capabilities of Discourse, we aren’t able to provide a map embed into the thread. Our apologies here for the caused discomfort.

LOT Polish Airlines Virtual is a non-profit Virtual Airline for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no affiliation with LOT Polish Airlines. All rights for the logos, modified and unmodified, are reserved to Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.

Website | Instagram | Crew Centre



Thank you, very cool. Will join, been following you on Insta for a while now.


I am signing up. 🇵🇱


Just applied! Can’t wait to see this VAs Future!


Glad to be a part of this VA, was in the previous one and I’m really impressed with the website and all the rest. Very nice pictures aswel!


Yes, we’ve put a lot of effort into the appearance of the VA.


Ooo, LOT is back. Congratulations, @RednoseHeavy, for restructuring this Virtual Airline, it looks fantastic! 🎉🎉


When the old LOT Polish Virtual went down, deep inside we all either hoped or knew it would come back one day, and this is that day people!


I’m proud to work here! #longlivelotva


Your website is beautiful, and so is this thread. I’m sure you put a lot of effort into this, this pays off now. Well done! All the best to your new VA!


Im proud of my team that rebuild LTVA after it went down. Good job guys, keep going!


Looking good guys, very nice :)


I’m so proud to be part of this amazing virtual airline with one of my best friends @RednoseHeavy


Yes, they’re back. Wonderful thread. I’ll definitely rejoin ;)
Congratulations and welcome back


I am signing up as well. 🇵🇱

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hey I just applied one comment on the app though you guys asked how many reports do you have and then how many ghosts you have and those are the same thing :)

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Oh, is it really?

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yes ghosts and reports are the same thing:)

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Isnt it when theres a report it is coming out from another pilot in order to report and a ghost when someone gets kicked from the live server by a moderator?

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A ghost is when you got kicked out of the server by ATC and report is the same thing

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