LOT Polish Airlines “Polish Independence” Livery on B789

I think we should have some more Special Liveries.
What about this one?
And you know, I’m from Poland, so it would be pretty cool for me

(Not my pics)

Please remember that only 1 picture is allowed per request. It would also be nice to add your opinion why it should be in the game. And don’t forget to add an image source

Please read the related article.

Thank you

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Ok, changing it!

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I would like to mention that the topic is wrong. Isn’t this a B787-9? I think you should check it out


But in IF there is the LOT livery only on the B788

This is not a problem. We also have a B787-9 in the game. Then we would get this beauty on a B787-9.

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Okay, editing!

Will you vote?

As @MK7 pointed out, the picture you posted is of a Boeing 787-9. The livery can only be found on the Boeing 787-9 and the 737MAX, not the 787-8. Changing this to the 787-9 results in a duplicate topic. Feel free to vote on the topic linked below.

LOT Boeing 787-9 (Poland Independence Livery)


Oh, Do I close it?

Then I think this can be closed here. Please contact a moderator.

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I did it already!

Duplicate topic.