LOT Polish Airlines operates the first unusual direct flight to Taiwan for Medical Supplies and delayed by China

On Wednesday, April 22, A LOT B787-8 (SP-LRG) landed at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. It became the first-ever direct flight between Poland and Taiwan. The B787-8 left Warsaw Chopin International Airport on Wednesday morning and was expected to arrive in Taiwan in 12 hours. And the flight was expected to return to Poland on Thursday, April 24th. However, China bans the plane from entering Chinese airspace, so the plane had to reroute around China, which added an additional 2 hours flight time to the flight.


You can read the full article here.

What are your thoughts?


This is interesting and very nice to see them flying into Taiwan! 🇹🇼

At least this is a good alternative if China won’t be able to handle medical supplies to Poland, but this would seem quite unusual. There are indeed many interesting repatriation flights LOT operates too. Let’s say, many LOT Aircraft flew to Ireland to collect the Polish Citizens home, for the first time in years, or ever.


The reason why they are doing this flight is that Taiwan is donating masks. The amount of active cases we have have been decreasing drastically, hence, this is why we have been donating masks.

Here is the flight path that LOT7935, took.



That is one very interesting flight plan lol
Air Portugal also did the same with their A330neos except these are to Beijing and idk if they are still doing these flights.


I like how they just passed over China’s controversial Spratly Islands claims, and didn’t give a damn about it.

If Taiwan really is a part of China as China claims, why don’t they treat it as their own?

Foreign affairs are always interesting. A 2-hour detour won’t stop anything! Sydney got to see a LOT 787 for the first time ever last month too. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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