LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 175LR

LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 175LR (SP-LIL) Livery Feature


About the Embraer 175:
The Embraer 175, or the ERJ 170-200LR, is a short-to-medium regional airliner made by the Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer. Similar to the E195, the E175 is a stretched E170 with an increased seating capacity with the ability to carry 88 passengers. Range varies from variant to variant with the max range of 2,200nm. (Source #1 | Source #2)

About the LOT’s Embraer 175:
LOT Polish Airlines flies the E175 in an 82-seat, 2-2 seat configuration in a three-class configuration as listed on their official website. They currently are operating 10 of these aircraft on many routes out of Warsaw to places such as Munich, Luxembourg, Billund, and Krakow according to Flightradar24. They currently use both the STD and LR variant of the 175.

About LOT Polish Airlines itself:
LOT Polish Airlines is the flag carrier of Poland and with a fleet of over 100 aircraft and 120 destinations, it is one of the larger airlines in Europe. It mainly flies out of its hub, Warsaw Chopin Airport, locating in the Polish capital of Warsaw, and it is also a member of Star Alliance. More info is linked below:

Statistics about LOT Embraer Fleet:

Plane Model # of Aircraft
Embraer 170 6
Embraer 175 12*
Embraer 190 4
Embraer 195 15
*Two E175s are permanently chartered to the Ministry of National Defense

My Personal Opinion on the Aircraft:
While I already have a LOT Polish Airlines E175 livery request, this one is the more common variant of the E175, the E175LR as well as this beautiful livery, the 1970s livery which contains a cheatline. This use of the cheatline combines the LOT liveries of the past with the aircraft that LOT uses today. If any of these two liveries make it into IF with the rework, I will be extremely happy, but I personally prefer this one! What are your thoughts on it? Do you like the cheatline more than the plain white?

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This is my final LOT Embraer feature. Holy moly I did a lot of Embraer features.

You don’t have my vote because I don’t like it

Reverse it like made mean happy

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I see what you did there. You are sneaky.

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This livery just looks very classic and cool! I would love to vote for this but I don’t have any votes left

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Glad that you are thinking about this!! Just think about this when a vote opens up!

Thank you!! This livery is such a classic

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Giving this a bump!

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@PolandBall_120 I am not Polish, but I would love to see the LOT liveries on the 175 and the 195, but also the Dash-8 ones in Infinite Flight. Right now, I am happy that we have the LOT liveries on the 170, the 737 and the 787, but as I said, I would love to see them on the aforementioned aircraft. As you probably realise from this message, I am also a person who strives for as much real-world flying as possible.

PS: I am out of votes, but I support your topics on LOT Polish Airlines liveries fully.

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