LOT Polish Airlines - Boeing 787-9


Pulled from LOT’s facebook post. Would love to have LOT 789! Also registration in the post seems legit as it follows LOT’s naming pattern.

“This is how Boeing 787-9 will look in LOT colours ;) - what do you think about it? The biggest airplane in the history of our fleet will arrive in our airport in March 2018 ✈️”


LOT Boeing 787-9 (Poland Independence Livery)

With this, someone might consider a LOT VA, which would be pretty great…
Fantastic livery, glad to see more 789s.


i approve this livery for the 787-9.


The LOT livery matches perfectly in the 787, looking forward to see the first LOT 787-9 IRL.


Especially with the new 737s and MAX8s headed their way! Don’t worry, Ill make the feature request once we get a glimpse of their liveries through LOT ;)


already there a boeing 787’s LOT in Infinite Flight or that I think


Yeah, the -8, but another would be nice.


March 2018, can we pleeease just let the airline get the aircraft before requesting it? The order could be cancelled, and then someone has worked hard for nothign when creating the livery for IF ;)


Here is the first image of LOT’s 789! SP-LSA


I’m from Poland and would be happy if they added B789 LOT livery, but B788 is already with this livery. I would not mind if they added B789 LOT’s. I hope they will add it in the future. In my opinion, IF should have more LOT’s models.😉