LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-35D(ER)

Credits : mkwi via Jetphotos.net

About this livery:

  • This current aircraft was operated by LOT Polish Airlines.
  • This livery is the original look of LOT, with the small national flag near the pilot deck.
  • This is an extinct aircraft. It had more than 3 aircrafts operating since March 1990.
  • The first aircraft arrived in March 1990, after the fall of Communism in Poland the Boeing 767-3 replaced the remaining Illyushin il-62 aircrafts.
  • This aircraft made the first Transantlantic routes to the U.S.A.
  • It served up to 3 million passengers per year, until they got replaced by the all new Boeing 787-8 aircrafts in 2012.
  • It’s home airport was Warsaw Chopin International.

About LOT Polish Airlines:
LOT Polish Airlines is a modern airline that connects New Europe with the world. It provides almost 7 million passengers a year with the shortest and most comfortable travel options to more than 90 destinations worldwide via Warsaw, a competitive hub that offers fast connections. As the only carrier in the region, LOT offers direct long-haul flights to the USA, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore while building its leadership position in East Central Europe. It flies one of the youngest fleets in Europe and, as the only airline, operates the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the world’s most advanced aircraft, on all long-haul connections. LOT relies primarily on the passion and positive energy of its team members, including top ranking pilots in the global aviation business, often champions in many aviation sports. With 88 years of experience, LOT is also one of the oldest airlines in the world and the most internationally recognized Polish brand. This recognition is proven by the numerous awards from industry organizations, media and, above all, from passengers.

Source : NAC delivered one Embraer E195, MSN 19000382, to LOT Polish Airlines on lease - Nordic Aviation Capital


  • Warsaw Chopin to New York JFK

  • Warsaw Chopin to Newark

  • Warsaw Chopin to Chicago

  • Kraków to New York JFK

  • Kraków to Chicago

Why I would like this livery for Infinite Flight:
In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful liveries here in Infinite Flight. I would wish this livery would be added following any aircraft rework. It is also one of the missing liveries we’d love to have in Infinite Flight. It also gives great advantage on celebrating Poland on events and LOT Polish Virtual Airline. I am Polish myself and I used to see these airliners when I was just a child.

Just a few last words: This is not a duplicate topic. The last 767 LOT livery feature topic was closed recently a few years back. I would appreciate any positive response following this feature. I am hoping this livery would push in any update or so. Thanks! 🙂🇵🇱

Not to forget the Legendary crash landing by great pilots in November 2011 from Newark to Warsaw. They landed without gears and saved everyone on board.

i would love to see this in IF, im in LOT VA myself, however just a quick question, has LOT retired all their 767’s? i love the aircraft, kind of like the competitor to the A300

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Yep, they were all scrapped (I think) in the US, while replacing all with the 787’s. I currently could not find any information about this.

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The aircraft in the photo is currently active.

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by active I mean its still flying for an airline

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@IFliPlanes Yes, it could possibly operate with an other airliner.

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk you have my vote :) ;)

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Thank you very much! This livery looks great on the 767. ;)

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i love this underrated aircraft too much to not vote

This is my fourth feature topic I’ve made regarding for liveries! I just have to create some photoshops of the aircraft in the sim itself.

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i have only requested 1 thing, wich was today, just wanted to say that :)

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Also you have my vote, I am half polish and speak the polish language not to mention I fly to poland every year and having this aircraft will bring back memories.


No, they stopped operating it back in 2011.

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Maybe that’s a ‘was’. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll change that. :)

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