LOT Polish Airlines Announces San Francisco

  • Flights begin August 5, 2020.
  • Operated four times a week.
  • Utilizing a 787.


This is possible thanks to “Poland officially joined the visa waiver program”.

Makes sense as a Star Alliance connection with United’s hub in SFO.

(Sorry again, @BigBert10)


Really cool! Lot is expanding fast

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SFO is getting better each day

I wonder what @BigBert10 thinks of this?

I thought they were already flying to San Francisco? My bad then, it’s good to start a new long haul route then. 👍

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I seriously thought they already flew to SFO

@GlobalFlyer1 Your favorite airport got another airline 😡


Bert is not happy.

Yay! So excited!

I’d love to try LOT seeing as I love Star Alliance and have status with them!

@BigBert10 and @Kuba_Jaroszczyk Currently, they fly to Los Angeles, but not San Francisco

Yep, I already know they fly to Los Angles already, but never known about KSFO. 👍

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Wow, we will surely take this to our LOT VA destinations!

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Let’s not talk about that anymore, that’s in the past.

But I’m very happy to see my home airline expanding this fast! They ordered more 737 MAX (15 now) and are opening dozens of routes. SFO is lucky because It’ll see the Independence livery one day and their flights on the 787-9s are very comfortable with the new seats ;)

Also this ^ I’m very proud of Poland for this. Very proud.

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Why not Vegas?

LAS also has flights to Switzerland, Panama, China, Netherlands, France, and Japan (for about two weeks).

Star Alliance member Air Canada flies to Canada.

Copa flies to Panama City.

And technically both Eurowings and Edelweiss fly to LAS… the two airlines are under the Lufthansa Group, which is Star Alliance.

But there’s no “true” Star Alliance airline flying to another continent.

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