LOT Polish Airlines - A Holiday Flight from Tel Aviv to Warsaw!

Flight LO156

It has been a while since I posted a topic here.

About twenty days ago, I have decided to fly a nice, scenic route from the deserts of Israel, to the home of Poland. This was a nice opportunity since IFATC provided services in Israel and nobody flew to Poland.

Flight Information.

Route: LLBG 🇮🇱 - EPWA 🇵🇱

Server: Expert.

Flight Time: 4:23 Hours.

Time of Flight: 1st of July, 2020.

#1 - Lot 156, ready for pushback.

Lot 156, pushback approved. It’s going to be a sunny flight. A British Airways Boeing 777-200ER is preparing for a flight to London Heathrow, to the right.

image Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Int’l Airport.

#2 - Takeoff! 🛫

Leaving Israel on our way towards the Mediterranean Sea. There is a beautiful view of the coast and Tel Aviv city. There was no major traffic, and the frequency change was approved. Time to enjoy more views!

image Tel Aviv City.

#3 - Entering Turkey. 🇹🇷

After crossing parts of the Mediterranean Sea, I have reached the South of Turkey. This is below the city of Antalya, Turkey’s second largest city.

image The coast of Antalya City, Turkey.

#4 - Leaving the Black Sea. 🌊

After passing from South to the North of Turkey and after passing the Black Sea I have reached the city of Constanta, Romania. Great scenery!

image Black Sea, on the Eastern Coast of Constanta City, Romania.

#5 - “Szanowni Państwo, prosimy żeby zapinać pasy przed lądowaniem.” image

Ten minutes away from landing, approaching towards Warsaw. Announcement: Dear Sir or Madam, please fasten your seatbelts before landing. I also had a chance to view the Wisła river on our way. There was a bit of a fog in the distance.

image Trojanów, On the South Eastern Mazovian Region.

#6 - A view of Warsaw City. 🏙

Approaching runway 33. Not far from intercepting the ILS. You can see arriving Airport to the left, and the beautiful river Wisła to the right.

image Józefów, South of Warsaw City.

#7 - Touching Down. 🛬

A beautiful cockpit view of the Boeing 737. There was a slight crosswind, and I have managed to arrive on time.

image Runway 33, Warsaw Frederik Chopin Airport.

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And by all means, I am hoping to post more pictures during my free time. Even though it is my holidays, damn, I wish I have lots of spare time. I am always busy doing something hehe.


These are gorgeous shots! I am so glad Tel Aviv has been a point of interest recently!!


Wow, amazing shots Kuba! Love the topic layout.
Hope to see more screenshot topics from you soon!

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Happy @Z-Tube noises


The format is amazing and so were the shots! I love it! <3

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Scenery looks stunning! Awesome shots!

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Awesome pics!

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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! ❤️

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Great pics and layout! Love it!

Hehe niezłe to

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