LOT Polish Airlines 737-800

As the 737 rework or should I say touch up is most likely around the corner, after todays Twitter post it is known that new liveries will be added to the 737.

I would like to reccomend the LOT Polish Airlines 737-800.The registration for the plane below is SP-LWA.

In my opinion this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight as it would increase LOT’s in game fleet size.Therefore it would bring a wider variety of planes to fly in Europe, especially Poland.Maybe having a bigger fleet size would encourage someone to create a LOT Polish Airlines VA which would possibly boost the community.Here is a picture of the Aircraft:

Note:Picture is not mine

Thank you for reading my topic. I hope you will vote for it and hopefully the Developers will be happy to add this into the game.

Hey there is a duplicate topic and the other already has votes. I recommend you get a moderator to close that one or you bump that one up with a vote and comment



Oh i’m sorry. I looked it up but no results came up