Lot of people flying in advanced

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on advanced is busier than SoCal on PG! 80+ flights in Singapore now.


WMKK has full service! GTDAC!


Yes it’s amazing. Flying at M 1.00 at 35k and it’s beautiful seeing planes fly below me.

Landing at WMKK if you want to escort

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Now that’s full. Gonna make a few T&G’s at WMBT.

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http://imgur.com/RXGcx5h Fully staffed airport, lots of fun :)

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Was some good fun. I saw both you 2 (@Pilot8 and @ColonelJeff) while doing a supersonic WSAC-WMKK in a F-14

Also thanks to @DS2001 for handling me so well on approach.

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I saw you also. Great flight .

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