LOT-Nordica CRJ-900

Today LOT revealed their latest purchase, the Bombardier CRJ900! The plane will be branded under both LOT and Nordica as a result of a recent agreement between the two airlines! I’m a big fan of lot, and I’d love to see this in the sim!

Source: https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/17021442_1862966793923601_4086117256375399276_n.png?oh=a28e52214607df832865ca4409b0399f&oe=594433F0

For the Nordica livery without any LOT branding check out:


Yes! Its a must be for me! But first I think the CRJ will need rework sadly :P Unless global will make it better.


This is so needed. Looks nice!


Looks nice! I would fly it when global comes out

That looks amazing! I am a big fan of regional aircraft

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Wow it looks very modern and clean imo. I really like this livery!

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I must say, I like that livery a LOT.

“Winging it” with these puns.


Casual bump in light of the vote :)

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Love it! Although I prefer the Nordica livery… 😂


Yes I really like this livery 😁

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Hey, if you want that rework, why not vote for it? - Which aircraft do you want to see next? You decide!

I already voted for it mate :)