LOT independence livery (737 MAX 8)

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this is a livery that represents Poland’s independence! this is a cool and interesting livery in my opinion(I share a polish heritage) As you can see the polish flag spreads from the picture of the country too the tail!
I think this is one of the coolest liveries!

Hey! Your only allowed one picture per feature request. Also this is not required but maybe add more details and about the airline to attract voters. Have a good day!


there you go!

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I was waiting to someone request it. Don’t forget to vote for your own feature.

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But now maybe say why do YOU want it? Why it would be great in Infinite Flight? Make this topic pop! Make users want to vote for this! You can do it!:)


There you go it now looks a lot better!

Nice 3 votes in 30 min Thanks guys lets keep it up!

Yes! This livery will be very useful! I waited for this request! 😍

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I know right it is very cool a big fan of LOT!

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alright we are losing attention so lets keep the votes coming guys!

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