LOT inagurated the 737MAX today


Check it out. its pretty cool. It was also the first Max to visit Heathrow.


I did not know LOT was geting max8s.

Awsome! LOT’s livery looks great on the MAX, as do most.

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Dang, I love this a LOT.


The first MAX to visit LHR? Do they mean the airline’s first MAX or Heathrow’s first MAX in general? I’d find it very hard to believe if it was the latter.

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It is the first 737 from the MAX series to visit heathrow

Wow that was quick. They just took their first order of the Max this past week! Even for the larger airlines I havent seen an aircraft being put into service that quick. Fastest I’ve seen is a couple of weeks.

Will they be getting a LOT of 737MAX planes?

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Pun intended?

Anyways, I hope to see AA, Delta, and other US airlines to fly this (Hopefully to new destinations with its efficiency)

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American Airlines already has 3 MAX 8s in service. Very beautiful plane. :)

With my own eyes, at PHL I still see the 737-8

Beautiful on the outside, the interior is not so nice…

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