LOT E175 Livery Mistake

While I was flying the LOT E175, I noticed something that was off. There are parts of livery which are not supposed to be there on the fuselage.

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Hmm… thats a minor error. I think this should be fixed in 22.8.

Yea, i just wanted to make a topic about that too, but saw this one. Hope it gets to the team and gets fixed.

The developers are aware of this issue and a fix will come in the future. As always, no timeline will be provided.

Unless this has come from the staff, we have no confirmation.

As long as it is fixed it is fine by me. Honestly, just getting a LOT E175 is enough for me :)

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Yea, i planned to do a flight with it but i will do it when this is fixed cause it just looks very weird and i cant get my view off of it lol.

The artists have been notified and a change will be shipped over the air once fixed. Thanks for your report!


I think = not sure.

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