LOT - Dash8-Q400 - SP-EQL


Looking at the LOT fleet in IF, its pretty bleak. We have two planes, the ERJ-170 and the B787-8. LOT on the other hand also uses the Dash8-Q400 (which is in IF) but hasn’t got a livery. LOT uses the Dash8 all over Europe and for short domestic routes in and around Poland.

Credit - https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/

That’s the plane above, the company that actually runs it was Eurolot, however, they went bust not that long ago and LOT took the aircraft under its fleet. (Even though the airlines where partnered, it was all a big mess not that long ago) Anyway, this is what LOT use around Poland and I would love to use it in IF.

Hope you like it, and it gets enough votes for it to be added!

Happy Flying

Beautiful livery, im sadly out of votes;(

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Beautiful livery I would like to add it to IF. I live in Warsaw so these planes fly over my house every day. I vote for it :-)


Voted! I live in Warsaw and I do want another LOT’s livery in IF. :)


Same! Really appreciate your vote!

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I’ve seen this livery many times, I think there’s one that promotes Polish Chocolate made of Birds Milk, I use the Embraer instead because IF doesn’t have this, Good suggestion though

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious LOT planes mmmmmmmmmmm .


Hahahahaha! 😂

We absolutely need this! Yes please.

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Yeah, I have made a similar feature topic with the LOT’s Nordic Aviation Capital Dash 8 livery. Unfortunately ran out of votes.

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@Aleks_Hancock I also believe LOT has the 737-800 and crj-700 Nordic’s in Infinte flight

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