LOT Boeing 787-9 (Poland Independence Livery)

LOT has unveiled a beautiful livery for their third Boeing 787-9 (SP-LSC) and their fourth Boeing 737MAX8. This livery has been out since June, with the purpose of celebrating 100 years of Polish Independence following the First World War in 1918!

This livery features the country’s borders emanating a Polish flag along the length of the fuselage, with the words “Proud of Poland’s Independence” written in both English and Polish. In addition, the 787-9 features a belly paint which the 787-8 do not have! I’d love to see more LOT aircraft in Infinite Flight! Maybe it’s just the Polish pride within me.

Photo credit to Tom Podolec. Check out his twitter page here for cool photos: https://twitter.com/TomPodolec ; Fun fact, this photo was taken at YYZ when SP-LSC completed its first revenue flight. This is one of my favourite photos because you can just see the sunset reflecting off the fuselage…I’d love to replicate this in IF ;)

Thread not to be confused with the request for the LOT 787-9 in the original livery. If you’d like to see that one, please check it out here:

Pretty cool livery if I may say so myself.


Yep voting now. Need this

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I’m definetly voting. This is a beautiful livery!

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Voted. Just like the KLM Orange Pride, I’d love to see that plane come into the sim. Also I’d want the LOT (787-9) and (737) livery into this game. 👍

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I flew on their 100th anniversary of Independence livery from WAW-LHR on my way home. It’s a beautiful livery, and I think it’s a very important livery, as it celebrates the independence of Poland after 123 years under Prussian, Chech, and Soviet occupancy

I’m probably a little bias for this too cuz im polish as well 😂


Very beautiful livery I am very picky with my votes but this may get one

Definitely. Voted on this a couple of months ago. This livery definitely should kick in, like the KLM’s special Orange Pride livery it does definitely deserve to be added some time this year I hope.

I am Polish too so… Yeah voted on this and the 787-9.


Good looking livery

Imagine having this special aircraft in Infinite Flight. The best on representing Poland in California or any other long haul flights in the U.S.

I was not expecting this livery to roll in the 19.1 Version of Infinite Flight, but definately on any other update. I shall stay tuned for the upcoming months. ♥️

Bumping this

Since I am half polish, and I am a COO for LOT VA. I would really like this livery since it looks gorgeous.

I am out of votes noooooooo!!!

Yep. Indeed a beautiful livery. Commented like three times here already 😅. Used to remember the late summer seeing the SP-LSC aircraft flying out to the U.S everyday!

Hey @Damian I made one for dis livery for the MAX so thanks for the 78-9 thanks!!

Bump Lmao I need this

I flew SP-LVC, One made 2 days apart from that one. (LHR-WAW)

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SP-LSA is my choice, I like the regular livery on the -9 but I’ll take what I can get ;)

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I’d rather this than SP-LSE ;)
but honestly if I get a -9 it doesn’t really matter to me :D

This livery is a must. Clearing a vote for this. Or I already did. 👍

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