LOT B787 Confirmed + Autoland + Awesome Wing View

The 787 flaperons have a whole bunch of diffeeent modes depending on the airspeed, so I’m not sure if they can accurately make it function.

This is nice. They’re workin’ hard. And I can see how the wings will flex on wing view so I have an idea on how my videos may be like.

The HUD should be transpartent…and with the green horizon marks, I hope the cabin will be fixed well and pretty before release, but awesome work!

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Not only HUD, but even screens are blank, could it be the moment for animated cockpit? The question will remain unanswered till release moment :) even autopilot screens are blank, I don’t want to build too big expectations here, but…

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Where’d u get the bottom picture

Oh I found it

Hopefully the HUD is functional

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Ooh that wing flex is so beautiful!! Cant wait for that!!

We already have that, Lol.

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OMG. Thanks FDS for this livery :)

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The ailerons/flaperons are going to be done soon (the flaperon is not in an equal angle to the flaps)

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Let’s burst that bubble right away, the displays are still not animated for this release. It will come, just not yet.


Im going to dolphin the crap out of this wing flex XD


Or flutter, lol.

It’s nice that the shaking issue (I think it’s floating point) is fixed. Looks a lot smoother and more realistic.

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No one knows…

Another Photo from Laura’s instagram


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