Lost XP due to software crash

How long does it take to be credited for landing XP after you land? Earlier today, I had a software crash just after I left the runway. When I checked my total XP, I was only credited for the flight time, not the landing. It was too bad because it was a landing at around -30fps, in winds gusting up to 28kts. I estimate I lost about 300XP.

Have you done a flight since the crash? Try one, land, and exit the flight cleanly.

How do you know you were not credited for the landing?

I have done a flight. I did two T&Ss. The total XP was increased by the XP value for the T&G flight.

How do I know I was not credited? I keep a running spreadsheet of my flights, so I can enter them in batches on crew centers in VAs/VOs. The consensus is we receive 10XP for every minute of flight. The XP for the flight affected matched the flight time in minutes times 10.

The xp is accrued regularly but if it crashes between then it may not take. Did your landing count?

That’s a good question. Landings is something I don’t verify after every flight. There is a blank (----) entry in my logbook for the destination column, does that help?

Most landings will net you 100-200 XP depending on Vertical Speed upon touchdown, how close you are to the centerline, crosswind and where your main gear touches in relationship to the touch down zone. I calculate my landing XP from time to time.

Another tip is to put Landings on display in the Info Bar at the bottom of the screen. Once all of your gear touches down on an actual runway you will see the Landing Count increase by 1 for each landing.

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I read in IFC somewhere: someone did a test on XP. One of his assessments was the stronger the winds, the more XP it appears to shell out, on top of how smooth the landing was.

I can believe this as I have several flights with XP that fall within the range of 250-350XP for a flight with one landing. So, do winds also calculate in the XP factor?

Anyway, the original question remains unanswered. I guess it’s a minute or two before my device pings the server with my landing points.

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