Lost subscription!

Hey i just purchase 1 year for online IF. After 5 days playing i receive a email from apple to tell me that my purchase was valided. And today i have no subscription on my account (facebook)!!! I do everything to have back my subscription but i don’t have it.
Please help me!!!

@Swang007 can you place this in support section? :)

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Call apple. Because if you get a email from Apple then Apple did it. It’s not Infinite flight because when you buy something from any app from the App Store from Apple. It’s Apple fault not yours or infinite flight. Try calling Apple and see what happens. Happy landings!

What he means us he got an email saying purchase was valid, meaning the purchase was successful and a receipt

Done. (Filler)

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delete the app and reinstall it then try login in agian

An update is available for this (IOS)

Sorry about this. A new bug got through causing Live+ from being unavailable to purchase or renew. An emergency hot fix is on the way. Keep an eye on your iTunes for that update.

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App Store*