Lost Stats

I have been on Infinite Flight for about 5 or 6 years and took a 1 year break from the game (roughly). I’m trying to get back into and I’m back at grade 1 as expected but I have thousands of hours in this game that have been lost it seems. I don’t want to have to start from complete scratch again. I look at my stats and they’re all gone. I feel like my old stats should still be saved like my total hours, landings, and XP.

is this the same account ou used when you used to fly ??

Yeah it’s the same account

can you edit this as this would be better suited in the #support category, this way you will get the support needed

Are you sure that you are using your old account? The current account connected to your IFC account looks like it’s a new one, since you’ve only done 1 flight in it.

Oh, how do I change it without having to buy another subscription

Sorry, it’s been awhile 😂, it looks like that’s been done for me already.

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Check you’re on the right account. I see that you’ve got another account with about 1700hrs and 1,128,871XP

You can message schyllberg or email support@infiniteflight.com to have the subscription transferred.

Alr, thanks for the help

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