Lost stats?

I haven’t played IF Live for nearly a year. I just purchased a month subscription to find out that i lost all my stats. All my flights, XP, etc were all reset. I know that you go back to Grade 1 if you don’t fly for a while, but I shouldn’t have lost my flights and XP?

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Maybe it is will take time to load the stats. I mean you have not played Infinite flight for a year so it may take time to refind your previous data

The most likely cause is that you are not signed in with the account that you used to have.
Do you know the display name and callsign of the account you are currently set up with, as well as the one you used to have?

The grade table resets your reports, violations, flight time (90 days), landings (90 days), and your violation/landing ratio. If you were gone for a year all of those would be reset, but your total landings and total flight hours would remain the same.

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I used the same account/email.

Yes, my XP and landings are back to 0.

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I souped personally give it time. But also continuing on what Flyer said that all you temporary stats did reset. Did your restart the app at all?

Yes, still the same.

Let’s give it a couple hours, see if it can re-download your previous stats because it has been a while, and go on from there (:

It doesn’t work that way. The stats are retrieved immediately.

Keegan, what is your callsign + display name so i can check your account? :)

Thank you.

That specific account was used for the first time today.
There is another one however, using the same name as yours. That is using Facebook as preferred sign in method and have around 55000XP…

That must be why. I’ll try it right now. thanks!

You’ll probably get in, but the subscription won’t be there :)
Reply with a screenshot once you’re signed in just so we can verify it’s yours. We can then transfer your subscription to the correct account.

It seems to have already transferred.

Ha, you look at that. That’s great :)
I have no clue how that happened. It’s great when things just moves themselves to the correct place!