Lost Sound

I am currently flying a little short haul VFR Flight from PHNL - PHOG and my sound went out. I didn’t lose connection to the live server and im still flying but with no sound. This is the first time this has happened to me and my device is an ipad pro. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue but I couldn’t find any other threads about this.

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Is it just the ATC you can’t hear or anything?

No its my aircraft and all. No sounds from anything.

Could it possibly be your device then? Have you tried playing sound from YouTube or something? If so does that work?

this has happened to me before. It just comes back by itself after 10 min.

I haven’t ended my flight yet but I couldn’t imagine it being my device. its like brand new but it could possibly be who knows. But im still continuing my route to PHOG.

Probably you opened a random notification that popped up? It happens to me too… once I opened a random notification and head back to the game my sound cuts off…

Let me have a look in the Support F and Q

I haven’t opened any notifications. It just went out, out of nowhere.

Try contacting @schyllberg about this…

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Okay, nothing in the Support FAQ. @ schyllberg will see this and leave a tip later if someone else does not.

But I recommend after your flight restart your device @Andrew_Coward.

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I would change the voice selection and change it back to normal again. This usually works.

It’s not an ATC issue. It’s his entire sound system

On another note, is your ringer off? That happened to me a while ago

For me when this happens it comes back by itself.

Okay, this is getting off topic now. What happens for you might not happen to @Andrew_Coward :)

Negative, all sound was working just fine and I didn’t touch anything and sound went out.

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Is it just not working in infinite flight or in everything.

Read the posts above:


The same things are being repeated

This week something similar happened to me, it was flying and the IF display crashed, but I could handle the notification bar but I couldn’t get out of the application.

What device do you have. Samsung devices like my S10 have a sound mixer to control the sound from each app, and sometimes the volume of IF or IF Passengers will be turned down to 0 even if the master volume is full.