Lost planes purchased

I bought some planes on my iPod touch and I recently switched to an iPhone so I could have infinite flight. When I logged in with the same account that was on my iPod touch on my iPhone the planes that I purchased were not there. I clicked restore purchases but nothing happens and it indicates I have to buy them again

It would be orange but when you click on it, it should say download & not the price it is.

Yeah but in this case I have to purchase them again. No matter how many times I click restore purchases it doesn’t work

Did you sign in with the same account?

If they’re on the same Apple ID then you can’t purchase them twice. Even if you try it won’t let you. So you may have to attempt to purchase it again, but once you enter your password it will say that you’ve already purchased the item and you will be able to download it.


Yup same exact account. I’m thinking to log out of the account on my iPod so I can restore purchases on my iPhone