Lost pitch/roll controls on my phone

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Operating System: Android
OS Version: 6.0.1
Problem Description: I seem to have lost both pitch and roll controls within Infinite Flight. The accelerometer or whatever it is within my phone that acts as the gyroscope seems to not be registering with the app itself.
Troubleshooting Measures Taken: When I first noticed the problem, I exited IF and cleared the task manager. The problem still persisted, so I tried power cycling (restarting) my phone; no success there… so then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Infinite Flight and that still hasn’t solved the problem. If anyone could please help, that would be greatly appreciated.

↘⬇↙Infinite flight version in use:


To add to this, I have other apps on my phone that use the accelerometer and such; they work just fine.

Does the yoke not move?

Do you see it registering under “Settings” in Infinite Flight?

If the yoke does not move then yes it’s a common issue. You need to restart your device and it will be fine again, I usually have it happen once every few months and I don’t realise until I go to rotate. 😂

Go to;
Infinite Flight>Settings>Controls
And check to make sure they are moving. If not. Press Restore defaults
And by they, I mean Aileron etc.

The yoke doesn’t move at all. I’ve already tried restarting my device.

I’ve just tried that about 20 minutes ago, it didn’t work

Reinstall the app. That’s my only solution now and reset the control settings. It’s usually fine after restarting the phone buts that’s on iOS

Can you clarify? Am I supposed to be seeing the accelerometer?

What are the controls doing than?

Do you use live flight connect?

I’ve also already tried that

Yes. I am a beta tester for infinite passengers.

Is it still connected?


It is. I haven’t had this problem until a couple days ago and I’ve been using infinite flight connect for a couple weeks now

Has the developer come out with some sort of update in the past, say, 3 days?

Try disconnecting it that’s all I can think of is something’s overriding it.

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I believe so. I just updated infinite passengers on saturday.

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And could you say that’s when the problems began?

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