Lost of control

Hi guys. I hope they are well.

I wanted to do this post because I am having a problem with IF. The moment of final phase in a landing that deactivated the automatic hair, The plane goes up or down without any response from the controls … It happened to me once and I ignored it, now it happened to me again and I was worried.

I just want to know if it is a mistake or is there a solution for the plane to go up or down abruptly

Hello there!

Try calibrating before you land.

And also, maybe try resetting your physics to default.

Clear. I always calibrate before deactivating and it keeps happening. I think yes I will have to uninstall and install again

Hey there!

Which aircraft is this happening on? Also, are you landing on APPR mode? Or deactivating the autopilot and trying to fly a manual landing?

Before you re-install, make sure to reset your physics to default. Try to restart your device. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to re install.

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Try to trim your aircraft before deactivating the autopilot. This is done by moving the trimbutton up or down until the little line in the trimbutton disappears.


It has happened to me three times. The first two were with the 777-300ER and the third was with the 777-200ER. and I was not using APPR, it is always at the time to deactivate the autopilot and land 100% manual

Or you might want to set your aircraft 180 knots until 6nm final and not set your speed below 180 knots if you are trying to maintaining certain altitude

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