Lost my subscription

I went to play online but when I got onto the game it said I needed to buy a new one, I don’t understand what is going on and I still had 2 weeks left on it thx

Wrong account maybe?

No it’s the right account but it’s still saying I need to buy a new subscription,
I’ve tried restoring my purchase but that doesn’t help either

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Try to check with staff or a moderator for this situation.

Ok will do

It occured to me too but just click subscribe now and on the option that you Chosė before. Don’t Enter you password, just cancel it. If that doesn’t work, contact a moderator.

Did it work for you

Yes it did! When I First bought it, it said “cannot connect to iTunes account”, even though we already paid. I clicked, then it asked for my password, I cancelled it and it took me to the multiplayer screen.

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If what you’re saying is accurate and I mean accurately correct!..Try this…exit the app clear its cache and Force stop it…restart the device…check your internet connection…if it’s strong enough open the app to check if it’s Ok…sometimes it does persist (basing on my previous encounter on android) try twice or thrice if needed!after which if it still persist seek professional support from sorry i forgot the email @david

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