Lost my standing?

Doess anyone have an idea why I would somehow get logged out of my account and when I go to log back in I lost all of my standing? I still can see my flight log but lost my 100% standing. Help??

Restart your device.

Ok did that and still shows me with no XP and 50%

Login with the correct user account ;) You’ve got a Facebook and Google account. Use the Google one.

Actually, wait… you originally had an account with Google, then you created another one which has your yearly sub.

I took it out of the Facebook account.

Just log back in with your Google account, then tap on “I already have a subscription”. It’ll tie the yearly to your correct account.


You ROCK! Thank you good sir! I think I had clicked another year and apple probably charged. Can you switch that over to google and get rid of my stupid mistake on Facebook duplicate?

I only see one yearly. Can you check with Apple if they charged you twice?

Apple just charged me for a year. Just got the email confirmation of receipt. Thanks

Matt, have the same problem as this young man. It started with Multiple msgs to you guys relating to a failure to connect to live and a loss of my Log Book entries of over 1000 hours that went back about 2/3 year. Much xmited via Facebook and your net between us which terminated with an apology on my part and restoration of live. My log remained empty of my initial hours upon reload and now contains my most recent hours only. I took it for granted that the data was lost. I noted the corrective action outlined for Brett and followed them with negative result. Bottom line, are my original log book entries lost or can they be reconstituted and my true history restored as a matter of record?