Lost my purchased aircraft

Hello my name angga
Why after update i lost my purchase aircraft, system say item not found, please help me.

Did you try pressing restore purchases?


It happened to me too. Try ‘restore purchases’


i dont know to use autopilot when i put it i cant change and how to put in a map gps ?

Make a new topic for this, it doesn’t have to do with restoring purchases.

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Hey @Lado,

As @PlaneCrazy says it is best to create a new topic/thread if you still don’t understand then changing the topic subject defined by the title. I recommend checking out the #tutorials section on IFC first thou. If you still don’t understand feel free to PM and i will see if i can assist you personally or just create a new thread and the IFC will be glad to help !

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As long as your device is not Jailbroken or rooted and has a valid copy of the app installed, all previous purchases are always yours. You cannot be charged again unless the store account ID is different or there was a refund.
Apple may indicate a purchase is necessary, but just accept that and they will follow up with another message telling you it’s yours and download it for free.
If they charge you, then it was refunded or the store ID is different.


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