Lost my grade after update?

I was almost at a grade 5 and now after the update I’m a grade 1, so I lost all my landings and 245 online flight hours and have to start over again?


The requirements have been altered. Let me refer you to one of the posts that explain it:

My grade level went from a 3 to a 2. I have been on infinite flight since it was only solo mode. I have over 800,000XP, over 1200 hours flight time. I work for a living so I can’t dedicate all my time to flying. So it kinda sucks. Guess I will have to to just do
Long hauls while I’m working.

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I think this is the server glitch. Grade 5 will not go to grade 1 lol

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It that’s the case, then we should wait until the server issue has been resolved.

Mane dis is sum bs tbh i click too see my grade and the app closes everytime like WTH?!

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