Lost my account and standing N555RB

Hi folks hope you can assist. I have an account under the call sign N555RB with 100% standing and over 30 hrs flying time. Had to renew my subscription and purchased 12 months and now all my standing and experience points has vanished so can’t do ATC and its wasted my advancement I. The game as I am back to rookie level all over again…however my logbook still shows all the flights and flying hours…can you help?


Welcome to the forum!
First, try to reinstall the app or logout and login a newtime.

You probably used a different email or Apple ID, make sure to use the same as the first time. This can change the pilots info since you using a comepletely different account.

Unless your using every account detail from the last time and it still hasn’t appeared, contact a staff directly. But I’m pretty sure your account on infinite flight is different due to logging in. :)

Jack I had another think and it occurred to me that if you have redownloaded the app or have a new device this may upset the system.