Lost my 4 hour flight...

I have been flying around Southern California for the past 4 hours in an F22. Yes, I don’t have a life :) I was about to turn base for RWY 24 at KNUC and had just requested an ILS approach from Socal Approach. Due to crowding, Socal APP told me to standby, but when I tapped the ‘acknowledge’ button, Infinite Flight crashed. I went back on and found that all my stats from that flight and the flight itself had disappeared. Ugh!

Device / OS / AOS:

iPad Air 2

iOS 10.2



When I used the iPad I found that resetting the device and having all other applications closed before opening IF really helped with avoiding the whole crashing issue. There are a few iPads that don’t delegate their flash memory very well, and it can cause apps like IF to crash. There are also some settings that you can change to help free up more flash memory. You can find those tutorials on Google and YouTube. Sorry this happened to you!


All my applications were closed before hand and I had deleted the device cache earlier this morning. This is the first time it has happened on my iPad Air 2. Maybe time to whip out that iPad Pro :D

If you have an iPad Pro that’s pretty much a no brainer, lol. 4 hours worth of processes on an iPad Air is a lot in my opinion. Also, my iPad would almost always crash in Socal due to the amount of ATC chatter. It would push the device over the edge every time.

I’ve got an iPad Air 2, and it handles perfectly. I don’t like using my iPad Pro as it is HUGE, but I recently ordered a throttle and joystick, so when they come I will start using it for IF more.


I have ahead the Air 2 since it came out and if you have the graphics at a decent setting suited to your device it doesn’t matter what device you have it should crash, I have used pretty much all the iPads with this sim and you have to be sensible with what you use otherwise it will crash. Any iPad form the Air+ can handle everything on full so I don’t see why you should have any problem, to be honest having owned the Air 2 for 2 years these things happen and I doubt it’s a bug issue but more just a random thing, it does like to happen at the worst times though but going for the pro will make no difference in my eyes

The iPad Pro is a huge difference compared to the Air 2 btw ;)

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I’m aware but it’s not going to affect infinite flight in any way, it’s not going to be beneficial in any way to use it. It’s like when peole say to clear up space on your iPad otherwise that’s why your app crashes when I have around 60mb left and my apps never crash, computer tips don’t work on iPads 😂

Hi, this is rare bug in ATC, its happened to me because its empty ATC.

So everytime ATC announce, you need always check the log, if the log is EMPTY, don’t reply ATC, once you reply ATC it’ll force closed.

What you can do is CHANGE FREQUENCY to other and then just do whatever announce and reply. Then change back to the frequency you want and continue it.

This happened for other forumer as well, not sure developer take note or not because this is rare issue.


Read this post:

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Yea but that only happens on TS1 in live but still similar bugs.

Sorry about that…

I have it on my list of things to send the flight info periodically. I thought it was done but I guess it’s been disabled.


Thank you! 😊 👍 😄

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Thank you Laura!

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Ahahaha, I can’t wait to see someone post about how they lost a 10 hour flight when Global comes out, lel. Sucks. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Oh haha… imagine that. I can see the next post Laura will pin globally; RECALL OF GLOBAL FLIGHT ON ALL PLATFORMS DUE TO OVERLOOKED FATAL BUGS

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