Lost my 13 hour flight

Just lost my 13 hour flight from vabb to kjfk as the app crashed on its own.i am so angry right now as Only 3 hrs were left for landing and this has happened several times.is there any way to fix it?

Device:Mi 11 lite ne 5g
Operating system:miui 14.0.4(Android 13)

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My recommendation is to turn the screen brightness and volume down to the lowest possible when flying at cruise, turn down the graphics to the lowest possible and keep my device plugged in with he camera pointed to the sky. This helps decrease the risk of overheating and crashing. The other thing I do is before every flight I give a complete hard reboot of my device so it is fresh. Try these and hopefully this will fix it! I went from a 50% crash rate in 2021 to a total of 3 crashes out of hundreds of flights in 2022 when I started doing this.


I had done all these things before my flight as I knew they are beneficial and also during cruise i turned my brightness and graphics as well as the fps down but when I wake up and turn up my brightness,the app crashes and my device has also not overheated

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Do you restart your device before every flight? If yes you could always try to turn down your plane count to the second lowest option.

I didn’t restart my device but had the plane count to low

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Restarting my device has been the biggest game changer! I do it before every flight!

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But still the game should not crash when my phone has a good processor as well as no apps running in the background.i am utterly disappointed as only the last 3 hours were left and this was my first ultra long haul flight.

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I understand that, but nothing is perfect, try restarting and see how that goes!

Ok thank you for your help 👍

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No worries!

Would you mind telling me your graphics settings?

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