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I have taken a huge break from IF for a few months, and I look back at it and I have completely lost motivation. Maybe I could use some help? My subscription ends in two months, which is still a while. My enjoyment has shifted over to fps games, but I want to keep IF active for the time that I have left. Maybe this is all stupid and I can just fly whenever I want, but I guess some motivation would really help.



Just fly when you have motivation again. I have barely flown for the last year or so due to no interesting aircraft being added to the game (imo). Will get motivated again when the Ejets arrive.

motivation ? NOO!!! do you feel like flying ? when i lost some interest in aviation i just stepped back and gave myself the break i deserved … don’t force yourself to fly otherwise then you’re never gonna get motivation again.

Consider joining IFATC perhaps? It’s fun to be on the controller side of things, and it puts you in a great environment and in touch with a side of the community you never knew about :)

Happened to me too, sub ended and became a huge break due to life getting in the way and so I was on FPS for awhile. That was a nice rage-outlet. Suddenly good mood comes back and Infinite Flight skies took over out of the blue. Missing all of ya.
For me, Infinite Flight is my nirvana garden. Re-subbed, re-ranked.

Take a break man, you don’t need a motivation.


Just some more additional details that I’d like to mention as this is something that happens to a lot of us and has seen several mentions of this in the IFC.

Infinite Flight is not one of those “empty-valued repetitive games” that has no end - but rather: an open world experience within an ever developing flight sim package - as such, think of it like whatever you’re having in your real, open world life - which has a lot of parameters and freedom thus sometimes giving you a repetitive-like patterns of experiences or jobs that gets you wondering why you’re just not in the mood at the moment. Forcing it will leave you hating whatever it is you keep on forcing of doing, wrongfully thinking about it as “a fix”.

So don’t force yourself getting back to IF, but keep your last experience sweet, by that I meant the fact that you like flying in IF will always stay as it is part of your hobby preferences so don’t worry about it, because with the things you love doing, when it comes back - it really comes back!

Because we have a lot going on in our lives I myself have been on and off couple of times but you now what? Almost 4 years have passed and I’m still here! It is NOT a tool for me to get rid of my boredom or lift my mood but rather a garden outlet for me to play in when I’m feeling happy or content, so it’s actually a life hack that works the other way around… and then, by doing so Infinite Flight will boost my mood even further giving me no choice but to only keep on saying “awesome!”.


Hi! That isn’t stupid at all! I’ve had these moments myself where I didn’t have any motivation to do a flight or something. That’s normal. What was it that was the most fun for you when you were still actively flying? Did you enjoy huge events with ATC, were you more of a GA pilot who explored beautiful scenery, did you enjoy controlling maybe? Try to remember what you enjoyed and just give it a go.

Some more ideas:

  • Look for a challenging approach
  • Play around with the weather settings in Solo
  • Join an Event
  • Try doing a VFR flight using real VFR navigation
  • Fly some patterns to try to get a very smooth landing
  • Start a career mode where you always depart from the airport you landed last

Watching Runway Action always gets me in the flying mood!

A big motivation can be joining a virtual airline! It is a great way to meet new people, engage in events, and expand your knowledge of flight. Here is the database of all of them:

To add on what Marc said, Try looking for some beautiful places to fly to, its very cool to look at and probably can make you want to fly more. I’ll give you a route so you can try it out.
Miami to St.Maarten. Throughout cruise you will see some beautiful water and also will land at 3D St.Maarten. See you in the skies soon!

Also, try joining some of the IF FNF if you have expert server.

In situations when you don’t feel motivated to do something it is probably for a reason. give yourself a break and. explore other things. after a while, you will have the motivation to come back and do something. also, try doing some of the things suggested above.

We all will experience ups and downs, i took a complete break from Infinite Flight last summer & im glad i did.
The moment i started flying again made me realise how awesome this IF sim game is.

Be spontaneous, get involved with VA’s

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