Lost Log Hours

I lost log hours and my last topic was locked even though I provided the information asked for. I cannot direct message the moderators it asked me to send the information itseems. How do we resolve this?


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(I apologize, I don’t know we the answer to you our original question)

Can you provide a link to your last topic?

Also: the reason you cannot PM mods is because you are TL0, you must be TL1 to do so.

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Once again, we need a screen shot of exactly what number you are questioning. This has been asked a number of times.

Well for some reason it posted that comment and not the whole tread.

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It’s fine it posted the link to the thread.

And if you look at the last thread I gave you that screen shot. I dont know why your so passive aggressive.

He’s just trying to get information from you so he has the whole picture. You provided very little detail and its proving very difficult for us and others to help you out. The more information you share, the easier and quicker you can expect a response.

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What number should it be?

I dont know to be honest because I really never look at it. But It’s got to be a lot higher than its currently stating. I’m not trying to be vague in my information. My email has always been associated with the account would that help?

(looked at it a lot on the past) my hours

For clarification, we are talking about the total time from this screen shot. Is that correct?

Correct. . I mean Ive been using this app for a loonnnggg time. I would think it would be way more than 36 hours. I know this is very minor to you all but its like trying to get your rep points back for a game you have been playing for longand dont want to have to build up for time already spend.

sorry for the typos I’m trying to respond as fast as I can to you all

The problem is there’s no resolution path. Unless you have a screen shot from the same account that shows a higher number there’s nothing we can really do unfortunately.

You always used the same Facebook/google Id. Not possibly used an account and then switched?

Even if we could generate a list of every flight with times, how can you say that you flew on xxx day for 2 hours that is missing?

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Got ya ok. No i’m pretty sure (atleast when you started global services) that I have not switched account names. How would you do that? Just create a new screen name or handle?

He’s talking about using a different Google account or different Facebook account to log in.
Also, we can’t exactly solve your problem when your just guessing on how many you should have. You might just be over-estimating.
Maybe you missed a couple of hours.

I’m not understanding your question. Are you talking about a list of every users time as a aggregate? I agree I could not. I was hoping that maybe you flipped a switch somewhere and with these updates something was lost and maybe you have a archive but I guess you dont.

That’s really not how things work.

What you’re seeing is the number of hours the server has recorded for you. If it had more hours, that’s what would show.

There’s not a secret vault of information somewhere. Again, there’s no reason to suspect that time was lost other than a hunch that you must have more time. Which is not a number, nor does it constitute data by an stretch.

Ok thank you for your time answering my question. You can close this thread.