Lost log hours

Hello, I have been on this app ever since you began infinite flight and I looked at my log recently and it has my history only since October 2017. I know I have way way more hours than just seven. This and other statistics is preventing me from being a level 4. What can we do about this?

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Hello there! In order to better assist you can you provide a screenshot of your Grade Table? It’s likely you didn’t lose anything as your log book may look empty after a reinstall.

For the logbook if you reinstall the app, then all the flights are gone. Although your stats for the grade remain.(you’re hours landings… are kept just you can’t see them in the logbook.) A screenshot would really help to understand if it’s a miss understanding or something else.

Here is my grade hours. I still think it’s short for being on infinite
flight for more than two years.

So you’re not really sure if those hours are correct or not. Right?
As said the logbook is “reset” if you reinstall the app. For the grade that shouldn’t happen. (Unless you changed account. Did that happen?)

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If you did most of your flights before the release of Global then it is likely that your flight time will be shorter in nature. I see that you have 476 online flights and 310 Landings which is a decent amount of activity. Have you conducted any long flights with Global?

I’m pretty sure it’s incorrect. No, I’ve always tied my account to Facebook
ever since they started live multiplayer (not sure about before). If I’m
averaging 7 hours every three months I should be way over 50 hours that’s
for sure. You can probably see that I have been paying for live services
since the beginning. I’m not sure if my hours before you started
multiplayer support were rolled over.

Did you fly a lot in solo before and use replay? Your stats are linked to your login which in this case is Facebook. Are you certain you didn’t create a new account when you got your Pro Subscription?

This is the first we have heard of such issues.

  1. The logbook itself is cleared when you uninstall/reinstall. Those have no impact on your actual numbers.
  2. The numbers on the stats screen are server driven.

Please provide us a screen shot of your stats table. You made mention that something is preventing you from reaching grade 4. The stats screen you showed us does not play into those numbers. The stats table does. I think you may be referring to the flight time and/or landings over the past xxx days.


Yes I have. Granted most of my flights are short I usually stay on for 30
minutes for those flights, I have dabbled in hour long flights time to
time. The numbers are not adding up for how long I have been a member
though. I wish I had a base line I could give you for every year I’ve been
with you but I don’t. But given how much I fly every quarter I should be
over 50 hrs.

Can you please provide a screen shot of your stats table? The table with the grades. I think there is confusion on what exact number you are referring to.

You’re suggesting that you have lost hours based on a rough estimate of how many hours you fly in a 3 month period. It doesn’t take a whole lot to see how this loose approximation might differ from actual time.


That’s why I said I wish I could give you a base line but I can’t. It’s
rough estimate but you can’t refute that for more than 3 years I’ve had
only had ~36 flight hours.

I recommend that you provide your callsign and display name. Maybe you created a new account along the line somewhere but either way, we have driven this as far as we can here. Please provide the above info and @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton can pull up your information for you.

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