Lost Interest..?

hey guys, recently got a feeling that I dont want to fly, and now it wont go away. i just dont wanna do anything in the infinite flight and other flight simulators. yes, I still like aviation and i dont want to leave it, but I just dont want to fly anymore, i had so much interest in doing flights, doing overnights, even doing atc, but now its all gone

is there anyway to beat that “feeling”?


I think everyone at some point get this feeling, regardless of what it is that they are passionate about. Take a break for a little bit, come back to it, and see how you feel. While aviation is great, there are more things to life than airplanes and Infinite Flight.

Also, try checking out other aspects of the simulator, ATC, community aspect, etc. Hope this helps!


Well, same topic happened yesterday. I’ll give you the link to take a look at what people from the community said to that person.

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@MrAftonn Here Ya go, Ive had these moments before but only short one, try looking at what they said in the replies of the topic.

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i will actually do that, my subscription ends this month, so i will just cancel it now and get some break from the IF

already found it when you mentioned it, thanks tho

i will get a break, this is probably gonna be my last message for a few weeks (even months maybe?)

see you later guys, happy flying!


Well, Sad to see you go but it is Understandable & Respectable. Hope to see you in the skies soon!

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This feeling happens when you actually play the same game too much. A great example are shooter games like Fortnite, or very popular games. They end up “dying” after some time, due to loss of interest.

My advice: take a break from IF, switch game genres, move on to other games and most importantly: do your life. Remember that life is more important than anything else.

That is what I can say :)

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Take a break from it. Taking a break from stuff always helps, looking forward to seeing you back in the skies :)

I had the exact same feeing around September-ish I would say. Just didn’t feel like flying anymore. I have been on break since. I think the most important thing is taking a break. If you try to push through, you will just not want to do it even more.

It’s ok to lose interest. Like Naro said, take a break. I believe that it is important to take a break every now and then so that you don’t wear yourself out. It’s also healthy to take a break for your social and mental health. You may find yourself refreshed after your break. With an even bigger passion for the apps.
I find myself taking month-long breaks commonly, it’s normal. :)

See @ USA_ATC’s topic:

Mental Health and Screen Time (PSA)


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