Lost infinite flight

I lost infinite flight because the beta is closed. now i have to repay again.

The beta never made Infinite Flight free.

Have you lost the application or your subscription? If it is the application, go to your respective App Store and reinstall IF. If it is your subscription, you would need to repurchase it as the time has run out. That has nothing to do with the beta.

No. You should be able to redownload it again from the app store.

i know but i have to pay.

Are you on iOS or Android?

Im on IOS.

You then should be able to redownload the non-beta version from the App Store under your previous purchases.

Are you using a different Apple ID to download Infinite Flight?

no. im not.

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im trying to repay but it said i cant.

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i have to wait a day…

Just to clarify, is it the app or the subscription you are trying to repay?

its the app.

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You should be able redownload it from iCloud.

im trying to.

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And what comes up when you press the re-download symbol.

it says please wait a day to repay.

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You shouldn’t have to repay…

as long as i can wait a day and it works, il be fine.

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(gtg) bye.