Lost Infinite Flight Pro in the Middle of my Subscription

Hello everyone, last Saturday I purchased the monthly Infinite Flight pro subscription for $10. Today when I opened the app, it said that I did not have an active subscription even though I had just purchased it. I tried restarting my device but nothing changed. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please let me know below :)

Device info

Device: IPhone 14
Operating System: IOS 16.0.3

Hi, I just checked your account. It was in a billing grace period due to an issue with your payment method.

Unfortunately, the App Store wasn’t able to charge your payment method, so the subscription was cancelled. You need to check your payment details in the store and try again. Sorry for the confusion!

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I have just updated my payment method and payed the $10, will the next payment be in 1 month from now or did it charge me for next month as well since I payed twice in the same month?

The first payment didn’t go through (if it shows on your banking app, it should disappear in a few days - you need to contact Apple for information about billing transactions as we can’t help with that).

Right now though, it looks like the payment went through with your new details, and your sub is set to expire in a month for now (24th December).

Hope this clears things up, but let me know if you have more questions!

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Now you know what to ask to receive for Christmas!


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