Lost in Space

Hey there IF Community!

Yesterday i did some multiple leg flights and some guy randomly joint in at LFPG and followed me all the way for hours to my last destination. He even tried to communicate with me over the Call Sings. He copied mine and also had the same Airplane and Livery as me 😅

as of today I couldn’t find out who he was, who he is. Maybe the community, mods and devs could find out if he has a forum profile and could bring us together.

His identifier is A8087F9E

It was real fun flying with another person.
Help me finding a lost friend.
if he doesn’t has a profile at least we tried then.

NOTE** this was on training server

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Well they don’t have a account or it would say ther IFC on there account

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but since you can hide IFC account names ingame this doesn’t mean he has no account.
never say never 😅

When I saw the title I was like OMG, someone watches Lost In Space on Netflix but then ooppsy lol.


if he has no username he has no account many people who play the game do not go on this website

Thats not necessarily true. They might have a profile here on the IFC and just didn’t link it up with IF in game.
But yeah… this could be a really difficult challenge. Good luck Alex!

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waiting for the last season 😉

Thanks Nils, really hope i will reconnect with him.

Oh yes me too

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