Lost everything

I was controlling ksan tower and realized I didn’t have any sound so I exited the game turned my phone off and turned it back on and started the game it said I was offline and that I have zero hours zero xp zero everything but i still have all my planes and regions?🙃

Turn you phone again off 👍 See what happen

I already have and it didn’t do anything same results 😔

Delete the app and download him again
Then login again with your live and probably then it work

Same results?

Delete the app and install it again over your pc/mac with itunes, do a soft reset,log in with your profile and retest, hit also restore purchases…

I have done that minus the pic Mac cause I do not own a computer I have hit restore purchase I have done it all 😤

Ok, can you post a screenshot of your problem?
And some information bout your device?


My log book was full but it now empty seeing how I deleted the app and reinstalled it

Here is Sydney kings ford last night

Do you have sound again? Or is it still mute? This looks like an bug inside the app cloud, that should go to an staff member…

I have sound now after the first initial restart

Mmhh…i guess its a server sided problem…contact a stuff member…can you check your stats on the website? Is it there also on 0?

Ok check this one out:

lost all stats

And look this is working for you

(Post 14) support ticket

That was my old one this new one is a complete glitch out or something

Yea , just saw that you postetd in this thread…still i thinking that you should contact staff about it, there is nothing you can do inside the app or your device i think…cloud or server error

support ticket

Never mind it’s back up and working again??? lol I confused

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👍👍 congrats…may have been a server glitch…

Restart device, reinstall IF