Lost control on final approach

Incident system Report,

When I was on 200ft at Boston Airport in expert server .the plane bank angle right suddenly, I tried to save the plane but it forced land on 22R, I don’t know how they wrote the system B752, the flight no. is American 652. Time is around 0935.
Please revoke the Grade 3 violation, as the plane is in a uncontrolable in this situation. And I tried to go around and it fails.
Actually, you should let me taxi back to gate in this situation. When I had stopped at the end of runway of a critical incident. Should you be a responsible tower controller?

I’m very confused as to what you’re implying, mind elaborating? Did you receive a violation?

I have had this issue before but with the A350.

What “issue” are we talking about here?

THats the issue

Hi there,

Please send a message to @appeals, and we will help you appeal the violation.