Lost contact with YSSY Approach in advance

imageHi, today (12/25/15) at around 10:05 pm central time Approach suddenly disappear from the ATC list, I was 35 nm from YSSY. Approach could see me because I was been requested to say intentions but I couldn’t reply. I decided to exit the game to prevent ghosting. I have pictures but don’t know how to include them in this topic.

You edit your post by pressing the pencil button. To upload the pics you press the pencil button and press upload on the bottom right of the box. After that you upload the pics you want to upload. Before you hit done make sure that the pics have 100% uploaded becuase many people make the mistake of hitting done to early (which causes the pics not to fully upload).

Thank you very much for the information Benny, I will upload them in a few minutes.

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Until we have the pictures, I could say you might have been too far to stay on the frequency… But I can’t really know

Hi, I have uploaded the pictures. I was at 35 nm from YSSY. And had approach in my list for a while. Thank you for the help.

Yeah as we can see in the pics, you were out of range so you could not reconnect to the app frequency.

Out of range at 35 miles? I would think that approach would have coverage much farther than that.

It should have… But it looked like he was… There might be a bug with the distance

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Thank you, so if this happens again that approach asks me to say intentions and I can’t reply, I would not get ghost?

Well if you should be on approach frequency they could ghost you because they are not aware of the bug

Ok. Thank you Benny and Clement for your support.

Best Regards

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