lost connection to live server whenever try to start recording.

Hello. It was back yesterday when i was controlling at lpma. i wanted to record a few landings while controlling. but as soon i started the in game recording I lost connection to live server. i got it back when i turned off recording. also the recording never saved of that lost connection. i tried it again after few mins. same thing happened.
I’m currently using a low end device but with powerful processor and ram. everything else works fine in it. so i dont think that should be a problem.
never tried that again after restarting and all because loosing connection again and again controlling on expert is ill advisable.
any help whats causing this issue…?


Could you please tell us what device you are using and what software version it’s running?


Also, are you using a wifi internet connection or a mobile connection? Are you able to reproduce this and send us a screenshot so that we may get a visual (maybe try on training server)?

currently using letv 1s eco. android marshmallow. on wifi that too in flight mode when i control. so no other interference. it worked good till now.

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I have done some research on this device. Here is what one user had to say.

“Couple of times everyday , the phone goes out of network, waits for 1 minute and comes back to network.”

Now that is a known problem for this device but there are a couple of options. Check out this link to review more about the issue of your phone and scroll down to ‘problem 3’ within the article.

“This error has one of the most common solutions for it. Simply switch your Le 1S on to Flight Mode and back to normal, after 5-10 seconds. Most software bugs are resultant of temporary issues in the UI and a network reset is more than enough to straighten them out. If, in any case, this simple method doesn’t work, don’t panic. You can also use custom ROMs by flashing them onto the LeEco Le 1S. Some stable ROMs like MIUI and Stock Android are sure to eliminate this issue from your smartphone.”

Good luck sir!


Thanks for such a deep analysis. but i already play in flight mode connected to wifi only.

Hi there. If you take a look at this excerpt from the article it is clear that the device has multiple software issues

“bug in the Le 1S that auto-disconnects the WiFi networks when the smartphone is on standby mode for a long time. This error can be quite irritating and can lead to a continuity issue in some apps. It is a software bug”

All factual and circumstantial evidence I have found suggest that it is a problem with your device but may not show all of the time.


hey. I’ve found the issue. someone can please close this post.

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Could you share the issue remedy? It may be of good use for future reference for other community members.


i had mobizen screen recorder also on. although the recording was not on. but the app is always running in background. I realised it later and wonder if other screen recorder is causing conflict. so uninstalled mobizen and it worked fine this time. dont know if it was really that causing problem. but it worked.

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