Lost Bags? Not Anymore!

Lost Bags? Not Anymore!

What’s the Fuss?

There’s no denying that United Airlines is notorious for losing baggage. However, as of last week, this has changed.

Opening a brand new, state-of-the-art system, United Airlines has revolutionized its way of transporting baggage through the airport.

Kicked off at Houston’s International Airport (IAH/KIAH), over six miles worth of conveyors will take your bag from the check-in counter to the gate in as little as six minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Six minutes!

What to Know

  • When complete, this new system will contain 6 miles worth of conveyors. The conveyors will run up to 340 feet per minute.

  • The new technology will be able to process 10,000 bags per hour.

  • Featuring a brand new baggage control room, this system is on par with technology currently used at both Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB) and Incheon International Airport (ICN/RKSI).

  • The expansion of flights are possible without needing additional real estate.

  • The new scanner system increases accuracy by 25%

  • With advanced technology, the ability to reroute bags without manual intervention, ensuring bags get onto the correct flight, is now possible.

  • Stand-alone building.

  • Ability to store 3300 bags.

  • Improve retrieval times at customer request.

Additional Info

Currently, the new system is operating at 33% capacity, and phase two of the construction will begin in January 2021, allowing United Airlines to process even more bags. If construction remains on point, the new system should be fully operational by mid-2022.


I wouldn’t get overly optimistic. There are some people who just want to watch the world burn. Tech is also susceptible to malfunctions which could result in, you guessed it, lost bags.


I don’t understand this reference. However, I am sure that United didn’t spend millions of dollars to “let the world burn.” They know that they have had their PR moments, including baggage fiascos, and I believe that this is the beginning of the end to that.

Of course, and I’m not denying that. However, United’s current baggage system is of that of the ‘90s. This system is a huge step in the right direction!


It’s from one of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Night, The Dark Night Rises)

Also, what’s going on with the wingflex in the top photo?

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This doesn’t really prevent them from losing the bags… it… just gives less time for it to get lost?


Gotcha. And I have no idea.

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Yes, but no. Bags can be lost for multiple reasons, such as being place on the wrong flight, having an unreadable barcode, incorrect sticker placement, etc. Because of the new technology available in this system, incidents like these are less likely. At least that’s what United is hoping for, lol.

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We gonna talk about how thats some massive wing flex in that photo


It looks like the plane hit INSANE turbulence!

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United introducing features that are standard in Germany and calling it revolutionary 😅

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Something’s just wrong with the wingflex in the picture, lol but this is good!

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